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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: KS003

Model: KS-003

Color: black, gray, red

Material: aluminum alloy

Size: 117*82*37mm

Weight: about 500g

Scope: key storage and management in homes, offices, gyms, factories, construction sites, etc.
1: This password lock can help you to lock small keys such as spare keys, bank cards or small and expensive jewels, especially when you forget to take the keys out / go out and turn the door off, feel that there is a spare key locked in. Very practical, suitable for installation in homes, offices, factories, parking lots, etc.,

2: All-metal lock body, good quality, as safe and reliable as a small safe,

3. Simply install the wall: use a few screw holes in the wall.

4. The password is 4 digits (factory default is 0000), you can change the settings yourself, and the operation is simple,