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Overview and Specifications:

If you worry about the rest of the food will be wasted, you will have to worry about the metal will rust. Might as well try putting them in a vacuum. Stay fresh. One side is smooth, with fine grain. Advanced food grade packaging bag, can be high temperature steam, can be placed in the microwave oven heating, suitable for food vacuum packaging, can also be used for other products packaging.

Material: PA                                                           
Color: as picture show
– Free cutting, easy to use
– Resistance to freezing, can withstand the temperature change and hot
– Fresh keeping time, keep the smell, safety
– Green environmental protection, you can cut off the mouth of the sealed bag, clean and reuse
– Can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, Grain bag is a side pressure lines, the other side of the smooth professional vacuum bag, suitable for all vacuum chamber at home and abroad, the principle of automatic vacuum vacuum packaging machine.

1. Color may be varying different between CRT and LCD screens.
2. Honest, best customers' service and good quality.
3. Good and competitive price.

Vacuum preservation
Dried food,fruits,meat,vegetables and snacks,Give you a full range of preservation experience.

Food Grade Material
Safe and recyclable,without adding plasticizer

Thickened Material
Tough and durable,not easy to be out of shape

Keeps Freshness
Apple exposed in the air appear oxidative deterioration quickly,our vacuum preservation bags can slow down the speed of oxidation,the preservation effect is very powerful.

Product Features
-Avoid burns in the freezer
-it prevents the passage of air and moisture
-keeps freshness
-Preserves the taste of food
-Thermal packaging bags without BPA
-Vacuum cooking and low temperatures