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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Pattern : Plant
Magnetic Sticker Style : Plant
Sticker Type : Multi-page Sticker Kit
Age : > 3 years old
Sheet Size : Medium
Model Number : 1730
Specification : Multi-piece Package

Message stickers, memo stickers, blackboard stickers, whiteboard stickers, ornaments and ornaments.
The green plant elements into modern life, lovely shape to bring more fun to life, to add a touch of warmth to the home, meet you all the other into the future
The shape is unique and vivid, and the details are characterized by magnetism, firmness, beauty and practicality.


Quantity: 6PCS
Product Material: ABS, PP, magnet
Product Color: White, Orange
Product Size: 1.47 * 1.47 * 2.7 cm
Packing size: 5 * 3 * 8cm