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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Plastic
Age Range : 2-4 Years
Gender : Unisex
Features : Educational,Sounding
Warning : NO
Model Number : 2603A


Early education puzzle Multi-function charging mobile phone, built-in 3.7V 70mah lithium battery, material ABS / electronic original 14 modes / 38 different functions, charging for 30 minutes can stand for more than 1 hour.

The finger touches, no need for any cumbersome operation, it is easier for children to get started, a variety of fun modes, like where to point.

Shake the phone at will, the rhythm of the music can be controlled at your own pace. If the shaking stops, the song will stop.

The sound is clear and soft, does not hurt the ears, and protects the baby’s hearing.

Soft and warm colorful lighting, gentle lighting protects your baby’s vision.

Interesting in taking pictures, press the camera button, the phone emits a simulated “squeaky” sound effect, and the sound effect is emitted with the sound effect. (When using the camera function, the light is strong, please do not direct the eyes of the child)