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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Commodity Quality Certification : CE
Model Number : S700
Material : ABS + Titanium Ceramic Blade
Size :


Model: S700

Charging Time: about 2 hours

Color: rose gold, champagne gold

Duration: can be used for about 3 hours after full charge

Cutter Head Material: titanium ceramic cutter head

Usage Mode: USB charging cable  

Switch: light push switch

Rated Voltage: 100V-240V

Power: 12W

Use Scope: barbershop, home


Titanium ceramic cutter head: ceramic cutter head is sharper,
exquisite and smooth, less prone to heat and lower in noise. The cutter head is
also designed with an acute angle of 39.8 degrees, so that the cutting force is

Noiseless Design: The working sound is less than 58 decibels, which
is far lower than the noise range that the human body can bear. It is suitable
for home use, giving your family a quiet space.

In addition to being used after charging, the product can also be
used when connected with power supply. In addition, the battery can also be

100V-240V universal voltage