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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : ////–


Brand Geeklink
Product Name: Small π Infrared Force Control
Infrared code library: air conditioner, TV, machine
Infrared control: full band
Infrared learning: 38KHz
Wireless type: wif2.4g b / g / n
Encryption type: WEP 1 WPA 1 WPA2
Remote control distance: ≤10m
Working environment: 0 ° C-60 * C 10%-90%
Input power
Mobile APP
5V / 1A: rated power
Android4.3 or higher, ios7.0 or higher
Switch Type Infrared Remote Switch
Size 57.7mm * 57.7mm
Weight 0.2 kg

Commissioning instructions
Jilian smart APP download
1.ios Apple system searches for “Smart Connected” on Appstote, Android searches and installs APP in the application market to register and log in. 2. Scans the QR code on the package to download and register via mobile phone

Indicator light
Yellow light: fast blinking (enter wireless pairing mode)
Slow flashing (link WIFI)
Always on (successfully connected to the router and can be controlled remotely)
Red light: constant light for infrared signal learning, flashing means signal emission

Reset button
Long press the reset button to restore the factory settings
If the yellow indicator of the device is not flashing fast when the device is equipped with four devices, press the reset key twice to make the yellow light flash quickly to match.

1. Small π supports WIFI 24gbgn, not 5G; if the router is dual frequency (2.4G and 5G coexist), it is recommended to turn off the 5G signal first, and then match small π
2. Do not enable AP isolation on the router