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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : M1
Security Mode : Fail Safe
Direction : None

Fingerprint + ID card +Password Access Control Fingerprint security Access Fake Fingerprint detection Fingerprint in and out Record Time

Fingerprint access device is with Fingerprint + RFID Card function, can export access report by usb flash drive. Which is used international fingerprint recognition algorithm, no need software, no need LCD and no need network, just like an access reader, so it is very convenience. 

We support simple and standard way of connection and operation, it is easy to replace the password access device and the card access device. 

We put it in the middle and low access market, with password, card and fingerprint. It is fit for middle and small-sized enterprises.

With LED double color state indicate light, independent door bell keypad, can work with other 5YOA terminal together, Luminous background keypad, buzzer indicate the sound.