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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : M203
Security Mode : Fail Safe
Direction : None

125KHz RFID Standalone Access Control

High quality / 1000 user capacity / 3 unlock method


Classical standalone access control adopts high quality plastic material. Based on low power consumption and low cost. Suitable for household, office and department.

* High quality and high security

* Sensitively and response quickly

* Support 1000 standard users

* Support card, password, password plus card to open the door

* Has a door bell button

* Classical Appearance with useful function

* Doesn’t need to connect on the computer, can works alone

* Application: Home / hotel / office / department / apartment etc


User Capicity: 1000 user cards

Dimension: 120mmx78mm×22mm (L×W×H)

Working Frequency: 125KHz

Working Current: <100mA

Working Voltage: DC12

Working Temperature: -10 to +60

Reading Distance: 0-10cm

Relative Humidity: 20%-90%