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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : 7632
Material : Plastic
Size : 15-20cm



Color:As shown


Hand comb:11*4.7*0.4cm 

Wide tooth comb:15.8*4.2*0.4cm

Multi-purpose comb:15*3*0.3cm

Long handle wide tooth comb:18.5*4.3*0.4cm

Bent comb:10*7.5*0.4cm

1. Hand comb: suitable for creating side face split, oil head / aircraft head / oblique

2. Wide-tooth comb: suitable for side-dividing oil head, side-cutting split oil head, back/aircraft head/Mogansi

3. Multi-purpose comb: suitable for simple and concise, side-by-side oil cutting, split head/back

4. Long handle wide tooth comb: suitable for side split oil head, side cut split oil head, back / aircraft head / Moganxi

5. Bending comb: suitable for creating fluffy oil head, Pompid oil head / big back / short hair head