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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Compatible Brand/Model : Nintendo
Model Number : JYS-NS138
Interface Type : Bluetooth
Package : Yes

Operating instructions of ZXD1289 bluetooth Switch handle with NFC

1. Description of mode and connection
Switch mode:
Press Y+HOME for 2 seconds to enter Bluetooth search mode, LED1-LED4 flashes, and the channel indicator corresponding to successful connection is always on (assigned by Switch host);
Synchronized status, or pairing with host connection: LED1-LED4 is racing and flashing;
Note: After the handle enters the synchronization mode, it will automatically sleep if it fails to synchronize successfully within 2.5 minutes.
Android mode:
Press A+HOME for 2 seconds to enter Bluetooth search mode. The LEDs are LED2 and LED3. When pairing, the LED flashes and the connection is successful.
2. Back to connect mode
Press the HOME button for 1 second to wake up the handle. After being awakened, it will automatically connect with the paired host, and if the connection is unsuccessful in 10 seconds, it will automatically sleep; Other keys have no wake-up function.
3. Charging instructions
When the handle is turned off, LED1-LED4 flashes slowly when charging, and the full LED goes out;
Low battery voltage alarm: the on indicator light flashes (flashes); When charging, the current channel indicator light flashes (flashes slowly), and when fully charged, the current indicator light is always on;
In case of pairing, reconnection charging or low power, LED indication of pairing and reconnection takes precedence.
4. Automatic sleep
The host screen is closed and the handle automatically sleeps; In Bluetooth mode, press the HOME button for 5 seconds to disconnect from the host.
If no key is pressed within 5 minutes, it will sleep automatically (including the sensor does not move).
5. Low voltage alarm
If the lithium battery voltage is lower than 3.55 V 0.1 V, the current channel light flashes to indicate that the voltage is low; If the voltage of lithium battery is lower than 3.45V±0.1V, it will sleep automatically.
6. Turbo and AutoTurbo functions
1, in any mode
The Turbo function can be set by pressing (for the first time) A/B/X/Y/L1/L2/R1/R2 and Turbo keys (automatic repeating when pressing the key);
Press TURBO again (for the second time) to realize the Auto Turbo function (automatic repeating when releasing the button);
Press A/B/X/Y/L1/L2/R1/R2 and Turbo key again (the third time) to clear the Turbo function of a single key;
Press and hold “-“and cross key DOWN at the same time to clear the Turbo function of all keys.
2. TURBO speed adjustment (the speed of the third gear can be adjusted, and the power-on defaults to the second gear)
Adjustment mode: press the 5S TURBO key for a long time and then hold it, then push the right 3D up to the maximum, that is, increase the speed by one gear
Hold the 5S TURBO key for a long time and hit the right 3D down to the maximum, that is, reduce the speed by one gear
The speed of the third gear is: 5 consecutive bursts per second (1 gear); 12 consecutive bursts per second (2 files); 20 consecutive bursts per second (3 files);
Note: Turbo function has no memory and no LED indication; Screen capture key has no function in PC and Android mode.
7. USB function
Operation mode: the host computer plugged in SWITCH is automatically recognized as SWITCH, and the PC plugged in is standard XINPPUT mode;
USB LED indicator: SWITCH: assigned by the host; XINPUT:LED1, LED4 is on.
PC-USB upgrade: press L3 in shutdown state and insert PC-USB into upgrade state, open upgrade software and upgrade handle software according to operation steps.
8. Technical parameters
Turn-off current below 15uA,
Pairing current is 30-60ma,
The working current (NFC off) is 20~30mA, and NFC on is 80~90mA;;
The charging current is 150~200mA.