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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Maximum Intercom Distance : 500-1000m
Maximum Number of Speakers : 3
Connection Mode : Bluetooth
Power Supply Mode : Built-in Battery
Special Function : Noise Reduction
Applicable Helmet Type : Universal
Model Name : T-COMVB
External Testing Certification : CCC
Item Length : 21cm
Item Width : 15 cm
Item Height : 6 cm
Item Weight : 0.32 kg
Special Features : n/a
Plug Type : EU Plug

Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Bluetooth Headset Support Two-Way Talk, FM Function

1. 800m max intercom distance; Support bluetooth hands-free call within 10m.
2. Support three people to switch intercom, and two people talk at the same time.
3. Suitable for various motorcycle helmets.
4. Intercom time can reach 6 hours and standby time can reach 300 hours;
5. Automatically answer the call. If you don’t want to answer the call, you can press the button to reject or hang up.
6. Listen to music or FM radio through a music player connected via Bluetooth;
7. Control music to fast forward, back up, play, pause via AVRCP.
3. Freely switch between talking phone, Bluetooth intercom, stereo music.
9. With echo cancellation processor and noise reduction technology, it can ensure the listening quality when running at high speed;
10. Waterproof and sun-resistant, very durable.

Operation Instruction:

A. Pair with phone

1) Keep the Bluetooth mobile phone and Bluetooth interphone
within a meter distance;

2) Make sure the Bluetooth radio is turned off;

3) Press the on / intercom key for 5-7 seconds until the red
and blue lights flash alternately;

4) Search for the Bluetooth intercom device on the mobile

5) When the host is detected, the phone will display “T-COM”,
select and pair;

B. Paired with a Bluetooth intercom, two people intercom

1) Keep two Bluetooth interphones within a meter distance;

2) Make sure that the two Bluetooth radios are turned off;

3 Simultaneously press and hold the power on / intercom key for
8 seconds for both receivers until the indicator light flashes red and blue

4) Press the On / Intercom button on one of the devices until
the red light stops and the blue light flashes.

After 5-7s, the red light of the other device stops, and the
blue light flashes to pair successfully.

C. Paired with a Bluetooth intercom, three-person intercom

1) Paired in pairs (A-B, A-C, B-C);

2) First pair A and B according to the above steps, then A and
B shut down, configure A and C as above, turn off A and C, and then pair B and

Finally open A;

3) You can talk in pairs, and you can talk to one of them by
pressing the power on / talk key once; you can talk to the other person by
pressing the power on / talk key twice;

4) The corresponding two-way radio that makes a call once or
twice is based on the order of the third one;

5) Press the A start / intercom key to talk to C once, and
press 2 to talk to B; press the B start / intercom key to talk to C once, and
press A to talk to A twice;

Press the C on / intercom key once to talk to B, and press
twice to talk to A.

FM function operation instructions:

Turn on the phone first (press the power-on button to release
the blue light slowly) → double-click the main function button twice, and let
go, you can turn on the FM radio.