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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
DIY Supplies : Electrical
Type : Fixed Blade Knife
Model Number : T0
Blade Material : Steel
Handle Material : Other
is_customized : Yes


Many friends are used to carrying some selected EDC equipment
every day. The knives are an indispensable item in many EDC equipment. However,
there are many knives that do not comply with laws and regulations and carry a
lot of restrictions. The popularity of the utility knife in recent years, its
harmony is the first choice among many friends as EDC knife. In the utility
knife, most of them are large heavy duty utility knives. Such a utility knife is
very suitable for being placed in a bag because of its relatively large volume.
If it is placed in a pocket, especially when the clothes are thin, it is rather

Based on the above EDC “pain point”, NAITHAWK introduced a
utility knife-bee blade that can almost neglect its existence in the pocket.

The bee blade body adopts the high-end material with unique
characteristics and individuality–jewelry-grade Damascus pattern steel. It is
hard to imagine that the bee blade is finished by a round bar cutting,
engraving, polishing and other processes. Without a screw, all the accessories
except the blade and spring are Damascus steel. The hand-forged Damascus pattern
steel has a rich and varied pattern, and the pattern of each product is

The small size of the bee blade is beyond your imagination. The
opening length is 78mm and the closing length is 58mm. The small size does not
even feel his presence even in the pocket.

Inside the small body, a large push button is built in, which
makes opening and closing operations quick and convenient. The three-stage
locking mechanism controls the cutting edge locking, half-opening and
full-opening for precise engraving or cutting work.

In order to produce a high level, excellence products. In the
selection of the push button, we abandoned the lock elastic screw structure, the
more complicated rectangular pressure push button module, built-in double spring
mechanism with higher stability and more comfortable operation. Double springs
are generally used in high-end large utility knives. Large utility knives have
larger pusher buttons and are easier to machine. Used in the small “bee blade”,
it can only be described as “amazing”.

Jewelry grade Damascus pattern steel material introduction

Jewelry-grade Damascus pattern steel, which is made of
304+316L, has excellent anti-rust properties and will not rust even if it is
soaked in sea water. Due to its corrosion-resistant properties, jewellery-grade
Damascus pattern steel is generally used in jewelry products.

Why does the Damascus version use bar stock that is wasteful
and difficult to process, rather than using sheets?

In the choice of materials, we tried the sheet and bar. The
most common type of sheet is laminated pressing, which has low material cost. If
it is not stamped again, there are no patterns on the front and back, but only
on the four end faces. The bar is generally made by twisting and twisting on the
basis of lamination pressing and forging, and the processed product has
different patterns on each side. Relatively speaking, the processing complexity
and waste of the bar material are much larger than the sheet material, but in
order to obtain a beautiful pattern and a more attractive product, we finally
use the bar material.


Product model: T0 bee blade

Knife body material: stainless steel Damascus pattern steel

Blade type: OLFA KB4-S/5

Opening length: 78mm

Closing length: 58mm

Handle width: 10.4mm

Handle thickness: 6mm