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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
DIY Supplies : Electrical
Type : Folding Blade Knife
Model Number : TA.X
Blade Material : Steel
Handle Material : Other
is_customized : Yes


NAITHAWK TA.X uses D2 high-speed tool steel with a carbon
content of more than 1%, a chromium content of more than 10%, and a heat
treatment hardness of 60-62HRC. It has superior sharpness and wear resistance
and toughness. In order to maximize the material of D2, we have spent a lot of
effort on the material structure to conduct experiments to achieve a good
balance of hardness, toughness and blade retention. The results of many
experiments have resulted in extraordinary product performance.

Many friends will ask, what kind of processing technology have
we experienced, and can achieve extraordinary performance? First, we use vacuum
heat treatment. The vacuum heat treatment is characterized by stable
temperature. Metal materials do not evaporate and overflow under vacuum
conditions, which can maintain the material properties well. In order to make
each tool have the same hardness and internal structure, we will separate each
knife in a vacuum furnace, and only 100 handles will be processed in each vacuum
heat treatment (the vacuum furnace can handle 2000 products each time) . Because
D2 high-speed tool steel has a high carbon content, it can obtain excellent
sharpness after vacuum heat treatment, but it is easy to rust and has relatively
poor toughness in order to enhance toughness and rust resistance. After vacuum
heat treatment, we carried out nitriding treatment. Nitriding treatment is a
chemical heat treatment process in which nitrogen atoms are infiltrated into the
surface of steel to form a nitrogen-rich hardened layer. After nitriding
treatment, the blade has high hardness, wear resistance, strong fatigue strength
and high corrosion resistance. The nitriding process is carried out below the
phase transformation temperature of steel (450-600 °C), and the nitriding time
is long. Up to 36 hours to ensure a thicker nitride layer.

Why does NAITHAWK use such excellent materials and the hardness
of the product is only 58HRC? First of all, our products are positioned as
outdoor fashion, portable multi-function EDC cutters. As the EDC cutter, the
first thing we need is toughness and sharpness retention. We have reduced the
hardness and obtained good sharpness retention and product toughness.


Blade material: D2

Blade thickness: 3mm

Blade hardness: 58HRC

Shank material: titanium alloy

Opening length: 126mm

Closing length: 75mm

Whole knife weight: 41.6g (without packaging)