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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Name : 101

OBD car GPS signal jammer GPS satellite signal shield


Power supply DC 12-36V
Frequency 1550-1600MHZ
Interface OBD
Material Material ABS
Antenna / Copper

Product Features

1 Shielded wireless tracker 2 Shielded wired tracker 3 Shielded real-time tracker 4 Shielded sleep tracker 5 Shielded strong magnetic locator 6 Shielded tracker playback of all locators, trackers, 7 Shielded radius of about 8 meters
Product Quick Instructions
This product only shields GPS satellite signals and does not affect the transmission of other signals
In use with all models with OBD detection interface
Can be used for GPS signal of taxi dirt car mortgage car

Product acessories

Shield * 1 Manual * 1