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Overview and Specifications:

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Model Number : LSBT01

GSM900/1800/3G Tri-Band Signal Booster

The most powerful triple band signal booster designed to provide you with significant improvements in all of 2G and 3G mobile phone coverages and data transmissions.


FrequencyGSM900: up link 980-915MHz; down link935-960MHz

DCS1800: up link1710-1785MHz  down link:1810-1880MHz

3G/WCDMA: up link 1920-1990MHz  down link2110-2180MHz

Power≥ 27dBm


Max Output Power+23dBm/±3DBM Total power



Connector Type: N-F

Compact DesignIndoor Use

Operating Temperature-10℃-60℃

Power SupplyAC 110/220V DC12V/2A

Coverage Area: 1000m2

Installation Method:

1. Find the strongest direction and position of the received signal for mobiles at the top or the periphery of the building, as the location for installing the outdoor antenna, pay attention that the location should be paid to lightning protection. The installation height should not be higher than the lightning protection network of the building. If it is higher than the lightning protection network. If it is necessary, install a lightning rod 1 meter above the outdoor antenna and ground it well.

2. After selecting the appropriate location, fix the outdoor antenna to the wall or bracket.

3. Select an appropriate location in the relevant indoor location (close to the power supply and the outdoor antenna end, rain-proof, sunshine-proof and ventilation is best location) install indoor straight machine, and fixed to the wall or bracket.

4. Lead the outdoor antenna to the ‘BTS’ (outdoor) interface, and the connection between the outdoor antenna and the amplifier is completed.

5. After defining the indoor antenna installation position, fix the antenna.

6. The indoor antenna connected to the amplifier, one port connecting to the indoor antenna interface, and the other port connecting to the repeater’s ‘MOBILE’ (indoor) port.