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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Type C
Has Retail Package : No
Compatible Brand : HTC,Apple iPhones,Samsung,Motorola,Toshiba,Panasonic,Blackberry,Nokia,SONY,LG,Palm
Material : Nylon
Maximum Current : 2.4A
Features : 360度磁吸
Connector Shell : Aluminum Alloy
Connector A : USB A
Connector B : Type-C
Surface Material : Nylon


1. Product material: alloy interface + nylon braided wire.

2. Cord length: 1 meter.

3. Output: 5V 2.4A [max].

4. With 1 Type-c magnetic head: Type-c interface.

5. Product features: This charging cable only supports charging
and supports 360-degree blind suction.

6. Anti-breaking design: The product uses hard metal nylon
thread, high toughness and resistance to pulling.

7. Luminescence: There is led blue light at the end of the
charging cable, which is convenient for night operation.

8. Product Features: This charging cable has strong magnetic
force and automatic calibration and docking for charging, which greatly reduces
the damage to the charging interface of the mobile phone. 1 magnetic field line
= traditional N times. The broadcast head does not need to be removed, it can be
used as a dust plug to protect the mobile phone, and the mobile phone can be
operated with one hand, and the traditional one does not need to hold the mobile
phone in one hand and the data to the charging hole, allowing you to drive and
various Enjoy a pleasant mood and operating experience on the occasion. It is
suitable for charging all mobile phones and tablets with Type-c interface.