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Overview and Specifications:

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Model Number : 02

UV Germicidal Lamp Portable Handheld Rechargeable UV Sanitizer Light

The UV light is believed to be effective against the COVID-19, according to Chinese experts. Our UV germicidal lamp uses ultraviolet light to make the virus inactive and reduce its harm to the human body. Therefore, you can use it to sanitize your home for everyday protection in the flu season.
Features include
-UV germicidal lamp, effective against the Coronavirus
-Cordless handle and rechargeable battery designs allow you to sanitize anywhere you want.
-Suitable for furniture, kitchen utensils, bathroom products, smartphone and keyboard.
-Point it at the item, with distance about 3cm away from it,  then hold the wand for about 2s for complete sanitizing.
Product name: Handheld UV germicidal lamp
Watt:8W; battery: rechargeable battery