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Overview and Specifications:

1. Take out and connect, no need to manual boot.
2. This headphones can give you high quality of sound, just like the sound of heaven. It is made for the sound quality.
3. Pick up and match, complete the connection in an instant, pick up the headset then it will automatically turn on and connect the Bluetooth pairing, when putted back, it will automatically disconnect the Bluetooth and charge itself.
4. Mini charging case, for your long-lasting battery life,convenient and portable, lower power consumption, bringing great progress for battery life.
5. 5.0 Bluetooth chip, intelligent noise reduction, high-definition call, smooth and lag-free, comprehensive improvement of call quality, achieve efficient communication.
6. Fingerprint touch, wonderful control experience, touch control, more convenient operation, intelligent sensor chip, prevent accidental touch.
7. Separate design, single and double ear free connection, dual headphones can be connected to a mobile phone at the same time, or a single earphone connection, equivalent to two independent headphones.
8. Soft to wear, wireless without binding, according to ergonomics, deep fit ear canal, make headphones more comfortable, preventing falling.
9. Listening to the voice, one step faster, clear sound quality, smart Bluetooth chip greatly enhance compatibility and play smooth voice without any delay, help you see “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.
10.Strong compatibility, Bluetooth devices can be connected, whether it is compatible with for IOS or Android, intelligent compatible with various APPs.


Bluetooth Version: 5.0

Transmission Distance: 10 meters

Frequency Range: 2402mhz~2480mhz

Talk Time: 4~8 hours

Extra Playback Time: 120 hours

Applicable Products: Smart matching mobile phones, tablets

Charging Capacity: 2200mAh

Headphone Capacity: 50mAh